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Audacia Bioscience was founded in 2016 by Phillip Olla PhD and Dr Stephen Bartol.  We are passionate about developing digital solutions that solve challenges within the healthcare domain, using Artificial Technology (AI), sensor and lateral flow technology.

Audacia Bioscience has a strong team of seasoned and proven professionals with medical and digital health expertise. 

Our work during the pandemic led to the development of both COVID-19 Antibody, and COVID-19 Antigen tests, as well as virtual clinical trial software, that served as a key tool to provide the remote collection of the data necessary to understand the pandemic.

Virtual Clinical Trial Data Collection

The freedom of minimal intervention with maximum interaction using quantitative dried blood Spots, saliva and breath collection techniques.

Robust Data Management and Dashboards

​All studies and testing data benefit from continual real-time access in an easy to use format.


Knowledge Translation

We create scholarly publications disseminating knowledge to the scientific community, and consumer level knowledge dissemination using our AI Chatbot. 

Evidence Generating Solution

Our solution is powered by algorithmic AI generating clinical evidence-driven results.

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Immune Status Testing


We provide convenient COVID-19 immune status testing for immune compromised  

Workplace Screening 


We provide compliance services to reduce absenteeism related to COVID claims 

Exhaled Breath Research 

Experts in multi device breath collection and analysis for drug and medical research

Assure Covid Clinic

We provide services for corporate clients, event planners and travel agents to ensure smooth travelling

AI Meta analysis  

AI meta-analysis is a transparent multiple study scientific statistical analysis

AI Literature Research 

AI Generated systematic, transparent overview of literature on a topic

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Funding and Strategic Partners

Audacia Bioscience has been privileged to receive funding from the Canadian  Federal and Provincial government  to support our research initiatives. 

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