COVID 19 Symptoms Risk Calculator 

Gain an understanding of your risk  level for a severe outcome from a COVID-19 infection.  Calculate Now
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This tool was created to help you understand more about how a COVID-19 infection may affect you. We hope it answers some of the questions you may have about potential symptom severity and applicable treatments.

Evidence from the research suggests the following factors likely influence the severity of an infection: number of vaccine doses, when you received your last dose, your COVID-19 infection history,age and medical conditions. 

You do not need to wait for symptoms of Covid-19 to start making decisions. The  60 seconds antibody test is the safest and easiest way of determining your COVID-19 immune status

COVID Symptom Risk Index

The tool provides and easy to understand guide to determine your risks for severe symptoms using a High, Moderate and Low scale. It may also be useful for anyone who is concerned about severity of COVID-19 symptoms based on their immune status, and personal data.

Every individual is unique.

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