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Lab in your bag!
Take your travel test with you. Perform the COVID test from the comfort of your hotel via Telehealth 

Lab in a Bag
Flexibility and Convenience 

Portable RAPID Molecular PCR Self Test: 98% accurate compared to lab PCR test

PCR Results in 30 minutes: convenient, fast and safe

Easy to Use: 3 simple steps, Swab, Stir, Share 

Travel Certificate: QR coded digital verified test results to return to Canada

Approved device: Lucira Check-it is Health Canada and FDA (EUA) approved. Take the Lab with you. No need to wait around for results

3 Simple Steps 

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Reserve your Testkit

Order your test kit online. We recommend 7days prior to your travel date. Ensure you check with your destination which test is required. 

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TeleHealth Visit

Conduct a telehealth visit with one of our specialist to perform the sample collection and process the test at your location, no lab required.

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Share Results

Share your results to our propriety health solution. Once we have verified the results we will send you the travel certificate. 

Emergency Test - Detroit Tunnel Only
30 Mins Rapid PCR - Pick up location

Do you need to get home to Canada in a hurry from Michigan.

If you are still waiting for your results from Walgreens or CVS over 72 hour, and need to get home, this is the solution for you.



Planning a Trip 

When travelling back from your vacation or work from Mexico, Caribbean and many other locations via the USA. Simply take your test with you and schedule a call at your leisure to verify your results via Telehealth. 

Frequently Asked Questions