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Our Tests.

These are our tools in the fight against COVID-19 and we strongly believe that testing frequently and consistently is the fastest, safest way forward.  Every test is independently validated and verified.  Every standard we hold meets or exceeds requirements. We stand behind our products and results.



  • Minimally invasive – performed using nasal swabs, throat swabs and tests of saliva or other bodily fluids

  • Allows for social distancing – while some molecular tests, including RT-PCR, are sometimes conducted at a hospital or clinic, swabs can also be taken from the patient’s car or at home

A PCR test is lab based, and has fewer false negatives in some instances – deep nasal swabs run in a lab will have fewer false negatives compared with other tests, such as throat swabs or saliva tests





  • Frequent screening with a rapid test will lower prevalence rates 

  • Reduce the number of workers that need isolation.

  • Increase the number of workers that can work safely.

  • Manage scheduling and balance bottom lines

Antigen tests provide results of potential infections in 15 mins,  without any additional reagents or processing equipment, and can be conducted entirely at the point of care





  • Testing can help identify whether you have been exposed to COVID-19,

  • Determines if an immune response has been developed 

  • Repeat testing can reveal how long antibodies remain.

  • Provides an indication of the prevalence within groups

Antibody tests provide evidence that someone has been exposed to the virus by detecting antibodies that are produced in response to the virus





  • Relatively cheap surveillance system

  • Economical.  Up to 32 samples can be pooled.

  • Support for Virtual self-collected saliva sampling with pooling of the samples.

  • Validation of a scientifically and economically viable alternative that uses existing laboratory

Pooled saliva sampling is a viable model for COVID-19 surveillance programs.  Research has demonstrated that saliva is as sensitive for as nasopharyngeal swabs.

PCR + Antigen + Antibody = Assurance.

It's not just one test. It is a combination of different types of tests to ensure that both symptomatic and asymptomatic infections are found.  We have the tests, protocols and staff to deliver results to you.