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Next Gen Antibody Testing 

It is critical that you take a more personalized approach to managing your health. Antibody  tests are an important tool to help you manage your risks for severe outcomes from a COVID-19 infection.  Your body makes antibodies after it's infected or after you receive the vaccination. It is very important to time vaccinations based on when you are most vulnerable, centred around vaccine eligibility, current immune status and personal history. 

We make COVID-19 immune status monitoring convenient, easy and affordable

Research on the immune responses of people who are fully vaccinated suggests that after being fully vaccinated, only 50% of people who are immunocompromised show an antibody response to COVID-19.

Dorry Segev, MD, PhD John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health.


Know your immunity status 

Until know serology testing has had little or no impact on the trajectory of the pandemic, but as the technology has matured, it has become a valuable tool to support your personal decision-making process.

Qualitative Antibody Test

A qualitative antibody test checks whether you have antibodies or not. Its a simple YES or NO test 


Test yields results 1 min


> 98.2% Sensitivity and 99.6%



Easy To Use

No timers required


Hybrid test

 Checks for previous exposure or vaccine response

Quantitative Antibody Test

 This test determines the levels of  antibodies your body has produced.



Blood sample collected in the    comfort of your home.


Provides an actual value to        monitor protection levels over time.


Sensitivity of 98.8 %


Why Perform Antibody Testing?

'1 in 8 people who contract the virus do not develop antibodies in their blood from their illness'

Dr. Catherine Hankins Co-Chair
Canada's Covid 19 Immunity Task Force

Curious about when to Boost?

Wondering how your body’s immune system is reacting to the virus or vaccine? 

Immunocompromised ?

Are you looking to assess your level of protection?

Prior Exposure?

​Do you think you may have been infected with Covid 19 previously?

The Antibody test can help you get the answers within minutes.

Find out what test is best for your unique situation







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Workplace Risk Assessment

Providing your workforce a means to monitor their COVID immune status offers great benefits,  It negates the need to mandate boosters, as employers take a proactive role provides a safe workplace for all. 

We provide a testing services and will deliver a com


Tests can be performed in the comfort of your Pajamas

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Learn about Antibody  Testing 

The COVID-19 antibody blood test can be used to detect the presence or the level of antibodies your immune system has produced to COVID-19, either in response to infection or the vaccine. This can give you peace of mind, and can now be done from the safety and comfort of home.

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