Above the Clouds

Virtual Appointment Insructions

Test RAPID Antigen or PCR KIT Pick

Ensure you have your test-kit with you. 

Steps for your Telehealth Visit

Step 1:

Once you have picked up your test, head to a comfortable location. You may stay in the car to perform the test but the car must be stationary during the testing process. 

  • You will need a permanent marker or pen at your disposal to write initials and the date on your test.  

Step 2:

Please use this link to book your Telehealth Testing appointment: 

Step 3:

Ensure you have watched the appropriate  instructional video and read the instruction manual prior to your virtual appointment: 

Step 4:

Telehealth Appointment

DO NOT BEGIN TEST SETUP BEFORE CALL – Wait until your appointment – our staff will guide you through setup.  

  • Please use this link for your virtual consultation: 


Step 5:

After you have completed your test and have finished the 30-35 (PCR) and 15 minute (Antigen) waiting period, please submit your test results using the following online form: 

Once we receive your information. We will review your submission and send you your travel certificate.

Safe Travels.