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Assurance Testing lets you move ahead, without worrying about COVID-19.  Keep your staff, your company and your future safe from infections and outbreaks.

Be Smart.  Stay Open.

Audacia Bioscience is bringing COVID-19 testing to your site, saving you time and the inconvenience of travel and waiting in assessment centres.

Our team of licensed and experienced RNs, RPNs and support staff create a safe and informative environment - from registration to result reporting. All members are fully trained and adhere to strict PPE and safety protocols

How does it work?

Whether you require proactive, reactive or emergency testing, our pre-emptive workplace screening is the solution for you. Our programs provide peace of mind and keeps your workforce safe and healthy.

Step 1: Contact Us

Fill out the contact form below with details on your workforce and testing needs. You will receive a response within 48 hours.

Step 2: Planning

Audacia Bioscience will reach out and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Testing Day

A dedicated Audacia Bioscience team of RNs or RPNs ,trained in specimen collection will arrive on-site.

Step 4: Laboratory Processing

Audacia Bioscience's partner laboratory runs Health Canada approved tests.

Step 5: Results

Your account manager will be in touch regarding test results in 1 to 2 days. Results can be accessed through Audacia Bioscience



  • Dedicated Audacia Bioscience team

  • On-site testing prescheduled weekly

  • Consistent testing means your workforce is healthy

  • Option for urgent deployment if needed



  • Dedicated Audacia Bioscience team

  • On-site testing prescheduled bi-weekly

  • Consistent testing means your workforce is healthy

  • Option for urgent deployment if needed



  • Emergency rapid deployment

  • Daily workplace screening

  • Monthly workplace screening

We can also design custom protocols and intervals for specific needs.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule a mobile testing unit?

Audacia Bioscience works with you to determine the most convenient time and place for your teams and employees to be tested. Once determined, we custom fit a team for your expected demand.

What happens on the day of testing?

Our team arrives before testing and sets up a testing area at your site including registration tables, printed requisitions and nurse stations.

How long does the specimen collection take?

anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, not including the paperwork.

Will employers be able to view results?

participants have the option to sign a waiver. If a participant signs the waiver, Audacia Bioscience is able to report results to the employer for the results of those individuals only.

What happens if there is a Positive Result?

Positive results will be submitted to local public health units for follow up, contract tracing and monitoring for symptoms.