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Do I have COVID-19? 

Am I non-symptomatic, but shedding the virus? 

Am I putting the people around me at risk? 

Someone I know is sick, but I feel ok?

I need a test to see an elderly parent or friend?

Rapid testing can help answer your questions.


Please read carefully to ensure you understand our testing requirements

How does it work?

We perform asymptomatic COVID-19 PCR testing. Appointments must be booked in advance. If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and follow the guidelines of your local Public Health Unit.  If you are exhibiting any symptoms, you may be refused the test, and referred to the local health unit for symptomatic testing.

Step 1: Book Your Test

Choose your preferred location below to book your appointment.  Appointments are available in 15 minute blocks.

Step 2: Appointment

Arrive on time with your ID and Health Card. You will be asked to fill out an intake form.

Step 3: Procedure

Your Audacia Bioscience RN or RPN will perform the test.  Our staff are fully trained.

Step 4: Swabbing

You may choose your style of test - either shallow or deep nasal swab. Our PCR tests are validated and accurate on both types of swabs.

Step 5: Laboratory Processing

Specimens arrive at our fully private laboratory for test processing. Our partner  laboratories are carefully screened and approved, using only Health Canada approved tests and equipment.

Step 6: Results

Your results will be available same day or next day. . You will be notified by when your results are available.

Find a location

Audacia Bioscience testing locations are currently available in the Greater Windsor Essex Area

Pharmacist at Work

IDA Pharmacy

3211 Sandwich St