Audacia Bioscience and Académie Ste. Cécile working together for international student travel

Académie Ste. Cécile International School, commonly referred to as ASCIS or Ste. Cécile, is a private school located in the South Windsor neighbourhood of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Audacia Bioscience is working directly with their international students to ensure they can return home during the lockdown

The school was opened in 1993 by Therese Gadoury as Académie Ste. Cécile Private School (ASCPS). Despite the school's French name, it has been an English school since inception. In 1997, the school underwent a name change to Académie Ste. Cécile International School.

The school places an emphasis on music, with all students required to learn an instrument, and the school is therefore named after Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music. The primary campus of the school consists of an elementary school from kindergarten to grade 8, in addition to a high school. Each has a student population of approximately 200.

The school is also linked with a music school, dance school, nursery school, and school for those with special needs. The school also offers both International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs, including it within a handful of Windsor schools that offer these programs

The school includes both local and boarding students, with international students primarily coming from China, Hong Kong, Colombia, and Mexico who live at the school for the duration of their studies.