Do I Need Another Dose? LET’S CHECK!!

The good news is COVID-19 has changed and it is now a virus that is treatable with the right tools. However, there are still so many questions that linger in this ever-changing pandemic landscape.

We would like to introduce a new type of the rapid Antibody test that can assess your immune status which is now highly recommended for personal protection. This simple and easy to use Antibody test can be taken from the comfort of your home. Use the 25%off coupon to receive a discount.

This tool is certainly beneficial for all and especially if you have any medical conditions, not up to date with vaccinations, and are of an older age or care for an elderly person. We have reached a critical stage in the battle against COVID-19 and, as vaccination efforts continue, new virus variants emerge. This has us all wondering if we are sufficiently protected from this challenging virus. What if you survived a case of COVID-19 earlier in the pandemic and never knew you had it? How long after we are vaccinated does our body have sufficient antibodies to protect against infection or re-infection? One of the best ways to determine if you have any protection against the COVID-19 virus is with Antibody testing.

The new advanced test is a quick and affordable at home test will give you results in just 1 minute. If you are high or moderate risk and have no detectable antibodies, then it is important that you consider treatment to avoid severe symptoms.

There are now treatments for COVID-19. Health Canada approved Pfizer’s Paxlovid Antiviral pill for use against COVID-19 in January 2022, but with a large supply of these pills available, experts say there is a lack of awareness among the public for who qualifies and how to access them and we agree.

There is not a lack of Paxlovid in Canada. Correspondence from the Public Health Agency dated July 15, 2022 confirms they have procured “1.5 million treatment courses of Paxlovid for distribution throughout this year (2022).” The problem that exists is when you infected, you only have a 5-day window from symptoms onset, and you need a prescription and must provide evidence of a positive COVID-19 test (Antigen or PCR). Early diagnosis is key, but many people think they have the common cold and then it's too late for treatment.