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Windsor-made site lets event runners pre-screen attendees for vaccination, COVID tests

Phillip Olla, CEO of Audacia Bioscience is shown in front of the Sunshine Pharmacy on Sandwich St. in Windsor on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. PHOTO BY DAN JANISSE

A Windsor-based medical technology company has launched a new website for event runners looking to ensure attendees are COVID-free and vaccinated.

Created by Audacia Bioscience, the COVID-19 status verification system uses vaccine receipts or COVID test results to create digital certificates. Organizers can register events on the website and prompt would-be guests to validate a “MyPass” before attending and show a QR code upon arriving as proof.

“Even as we move towards our goals of vaccination rates, we have to be able to move and operate more freely, both for personal and professional reasons,” said Dr. Phillip Olla, CEO of Audacia Bioscience, in a news release earlier this week. “By bringing together the different documents, statuses and tests under a single location, we feel confident we can provide safety, responsibility and education in the area of gathering safely during COVID-19.”

The online tool allows organizations can select their “COVID comfort level,” which ranges from open to all guests all the way up to fully vaccinated and tested.

According to its creators, the “MyPass” certificate will also be suitable for travel, as well as discounts and deals on dining, products, and services at participating local businesses.

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