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Virtual Testing Services

Testing verification services 7 days a week 9am - 10pm EST
irtual@audaciabio.com Phone number +1226 499 3480

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Rapid Antigen Virtual Test
Flexibility and Convenience 

  • Group Antigen Results in 20 minutes: convenient, fast and safe

  • Easy to Use: 3 simple steps, Swab, Stir, Share 

  • Travel Certificate: QR coded digital verified test results to return to Canada

  •  Take the Lab with you. No need to visit the clinic

  • Concierge services for groups of 10 or more.

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Emergency Test Pickup

with Virtual Appointment and Travel Certificate

Are you stuck on one side of the Canada/US border? Need a COVID-19 test result immediately to get home? Assure Covid Travel Clinics offers rapid antigen test pickup at the tunnel and other locations and immediate appointment booking to receive a travel certificate same-day. You never know what might happen so always remember Assure Covid Travel Clinics as an option.


Corporate Consumer/High-End Traveler

Do you travel often through private services? Looking for the easiest option to secure your trip during the COVID-19 pandemic? Look no further than Assure Covid Travel Clinics. We offer rapid PCR and antigen test pickup or delivery to accommodate your trips needs. We offer 24 hr validation services with flexible booking to validate your COVID-19 test remotely and provide a same-day travel certificate. The best option is here.

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Beware of hotel scams

CAUTION! Booking a test through a hotel in another country may result in unwanted detainment or delays that could cost you the price of a hotel room for over a week. The best way to avoid this is to have your own rapid PCR or antigen test. Assure Covid Travel Clinics has you covered as we provide rapid PCR and antigen test delivery/pickup with virtual validation appointments to ensure you get a reliable certificate on-time.


Documentation of Recovery

(Prolonged Positive Test)

Why do you need a Recovery letter?

Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 can continue to test positive for up to 3 months after their first positive COVID-19 test. This is not a big deal unless you are trying to travel.

While most countries require travellers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test, some are beginning to accept a positive test result as well as a signed letter of recovery from a medical professional stating that you are cleared to end your isolation period. 


Documentation of Recovery  

(Air Travel)

Can I fly without a negative tests? If you have had COVID and would like to travel by air within presenting a negative test.  You will be asked to provide proof of your recent COVID-19 infection and complete a recovery survey which will be assessed by one of our medical professionals to verify your eligibility for a letter of recovery. 

If you tested positive and have completed your isolation period

You will be asked to provide proof of your 1st positive molecular COVID-19 test as well as complete our recovery survey. Following approval by our healthcare provider, your letter of recovery will be issued to you. 

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Documentation of Recovery + Home PCR NAAT test

Can confirm my antigen test with a PCR test? If you have tested positive on an at-home test such as a rapid antigen test and would like to have a PCR test confirm the result, we are happy to offer that service from the comfort of your home using Telehealth. 

We recommend that you do not wait for symptoms to subside, make sure you are within the mandatory isolation period.

You will also be asked to complete our recovery survey. Upon completion, and review of the evidence will be issued a letter of recovery from COVID-19. 

Frequently Asked Questions